Computer support

- service for solving problems with computer equipment by a highly organized technical support service - a complex of emergency and preventive measures aimed at the smooth operation of office equipment - computer hardware troubleshooting - lack of terribles on abstract problems

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How it works?

A problem appears

technical support

Receive a notification
about the solution to the problem

Uninterrupted and high-quality operation of equipment is the main task of computer support. Most faults are diagnosed and corrected in advance. However, employees may encounter a problem earlier than technical support. In this case, it is enough to inform the specialist by phone / mail / messenger or through the HelpDesk system - an application will be drawn up and a person will be appointed. A specialist will notify you of a solution to the problem.

What does technical support do?

  1. Acceptance and registration of inquiry, appointment of a responsible person and setting deadlines for solving the problem
  2. Configure and tracking backup
  3. Management and tracking of software licenses
  4. Manage and track domain names and hosting
  5. Interaction with service providers on behalf of the company
  6. Audit and prevention of computer equipment
  7. Support 24/7

Popular aspects

Turnkey retail point organization

 Where to begin?

First of all, it is worth resolving the issue of commerce: is the product that you intend to sell not subject to state registration or labeling, is it necessary to comply with a certificate or obtain a license to trade, is there mandatory additional reporting, or is the item on the sanction lists? For trading a number of goods, rules are provided that require sellers to use additional software systems and computer equipment. For example, to trade in alcohol or fur coats, you need to purchase and configure the EGAIS - Retail complex.

What does the seller’s workplace consist of?

The minimum set of equipment for the sale consists of:

 fiscal apparatus supporting online mode | according to the Federal Law "On the use of cash registers when making settlements in the Russian Federation" dated 05.22.2003 N 54-FL

 customer display | according to retail rules

In practice, more equipment is used. Mainly aimed at facilitating and speeding up the process on both sides

Workstation AWP | a computer that is used as the basis for installing and configuring a goods accounting system, for example 1C. AWP usually consists of a system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS | a device to prevent data loss and damage to other devices in the event of a power outage or short circuit

Fiscal apparatus (receipt printer 54-FL) | a separate device for printing checks and sending them to the tax

Printer / MFP | device for printing arbitrary A4 documents

Label printer | barcode label and price tag printer

Barcode Scanner | barcode reader

Buyer Display | device for displaying customer purchase amount

Cash drawer | reliable storage, which is opened at the request of the cashier at the time of payment

Cashless payment terminal | a device provided by the bank to pay by Visa / Mastercard / World cards, etc.

Router | internet equipment

Switch | switching equipment

What do you need besides equipment?

Necessary conditions for conducting legal trade:

● Ensure the sending of checks to the tax | the package of work The online cash desk includes: obtaining an electronic digital signature, registering a cash register in a tax office, concluding an agreement with the OFD, and setting up equipment

● Provide fire safety conditions | as a rule, a ready-made retail space is rented and the owner of the premises is involved in the fire safety

Popular features:

 ACS complex | room access control system

 visitors counters | automatic system of counting passages through a frame or doorway

 video surveillance| video recording and storage of video recording archives

 burglar alarm | panic button and penetration warning system

How much does one outlet cost?

The minimum costs will amount to 25,000.00 rubles. This price includes:

● cash register with thermal printer and the ability to connect a bank terminal of cashless payment

● enhanced qualified digital signature for 1 year

● OFD service for 1 CMC for 1 year

When can I start trading?

Depending on the configuration, installation and configuration of equipment may take from 1 to 3 working days. About the same amount of time is usually required to acquire equipment and issue certificates.

I do not want to bother!

And you are doing it right - entrust competent specialists to carry out this work. Turnkey cash desk setup services cost from 5 thousand rubles. and provide confidence and guarantee a timely start to sales.

Installation / setup of online cash desk 54-FL

How does an online cashier work and what should now be on the check?

The sales process at the online checkout is as follows:

1 - The buyer pays for the purchase, the online cash register generates a check.

2 - The check is fixed in the fiscal drive (FN) installed in the cash desk.

3 - The fiscal drive processes the check and transfers it to the operator of fiscal data (OFD).

4 - OFD registers the check and sends the data to the Federal Tax Service and also ensures its safety.

5 - If necessary, the cashier sends an electronic check to the buyer’s mail or phone.

What do you need to work online cashier?

Just a few steps:

1 - Purchase a new cash desk or upgrade an old fiscal apparatus. The cash desk must be equipped with a fiscal drive corresponding to the form of a legal entity (15 or 36 months).

2 - Conclude an agreement with the operator of fiscal data on cash desk servicing and pay according to the tariff.

3 - Purchase an enhanced certificate of electronic digital signature (EDS) to work with the personal account of the Federal Tax Service.

4 - Register the cash register by the serial number of KKM and FN in your tax account. Using the received KKM registration number, configure receipt acceptance in the personal account of the OFD.

Can it be easier?

All of the above steps can be performed by a competent IT service on your behalf. In addition to installing and configuring the online cash register, it is also possible to conclude a contract for the maintenance of cash registers to eliminate all possible problems and incidents.

The table shows the approximate cost of costs for online cash desks and the first year of their operation.

Purchase of a new cash desk with a fiscal drive from 18 000 rub.
First year OFD services 3 000 rub.
Qualified EDS with a carrier 3 000 rub.
Turnkey setup 3 000 rub.


Ransomware viruses protection

Modern security tools do not guarantee against the penetration of malicious code, and often representatives of small and medium-sized businesses find themselves in a situation where they have to choose between a risky transaction with intruders and the recognition of information lost with the continuation of the work process based on the remaining data. In connection with the growing threat, the tasks of security and safety of information become more and more urgent.

What exactly can be done?

The work is carried out in two directions: prevention of intrusions and data backup. Intrusion prevention is based on the organization of secure encrypted communication channels between all participants in the workflow, strengthening authorization measures for company resources, around-the-clock monitoring of IT infrastructure interaction events. On the contrary, data backup is aimed at recovering information lost due to a virus attack / sabotage of employees / negligent use.

Secure encrypted communication channels?

Professional term VPN (virtual private network). Main advantages:

● The corporate network is limited only to those nodes that are connected to the VPN.
● Outsiders are not allowed. Each participant is identified when connected.
● VPN traffic is securely encrypted, so all transmitted information is not available to third parties.
● VPN clients can be located anywhere - even in neighboring rooms, at least at different ends of the globe. The main thing is to have access to the Internet.

Strengthening authorization measures?

Most users are extremely neglectful of the complexity of passwords and their privacy. Very often, the cause of incidents is the vulnerability of a password that is simple in terms of breaking the password and / or due to the transfer of access keys to colleagues during a vacation or illness, as well as cases of brute force (selection) due to the lack of password change prevention.

Monitoring events in the work of IT infrastructure?

The hacking process, like any other, takes time and leaves traces. Due to timely monitoring of the state of nodes in contact with the external environment (the Internet), it is possible to prevent penetration and enhance the security of data and the entire structure.

Data backup?

Depending on the specifics of the information, the necessary backup scheme is selected, for example, a backup once a day is sufficient for a folder of scanned documents, and 1 time per hour for 1C databases. Backup methods have undergone strong changes due to the rapid development of cryptographic viruses - currently, backups are stored in a place inaccessible from the source without traces of copying so that the threat does not spread to the backup data bank.

Organization of remote work 1C

Can I work from home or abroad?

Of course! Today, telecommunication networks are so highly developed that it is possible to provide not only one remote workplace, but also accommodate a whole staff of employees in another city or country.

It is safe?

Security depends on the method and technical means by which remote access is organized. To achieve high reliability and peace of mind, qualified specialists use secure encrypted communication channels. With their help, it is possible to organize a single network between all participants and manage the access level of each of them.

What is needed?

In practice, both hardware and software are used to ensure the operation of VPN channels. All that is needed is a statement of the problem and competent tuning.

It is expensive?

Technically, remote access can be arranged at no additional cost. However, depending on the specifics of the IT structure, you may need to purchase a router and / or a licensed software product.



Organization of work with EDI and EDO

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) - electronic data exchange between market participants aimed at supply transparency and minimizing discrepancies between order and delivery.

What is EDI?

EDO is an electronic document management system that allows the exchange of legally binding documents through an electronic digital signature.

What are they needed for?

EDI and EDI tools have become the basis of enterprise interaction in the modern digital world and it is already difficult to imagine a workflow without their participation:

● eliminate the need to print paper copies of documents

● eliminate the need for postal or courier delivery

● simplify the interaction between seller and buyer

● simplify the work process of managers and operators of the accounting system

● solve organizational issues

How to start using?

Everything is quite simple - just contact the service provider, select the tariff of interest and go through the procedure for obtaining EDS and GLN.

In the future, you can embed these services in the accounting system and configure the rights for employees, as well as use the coordination of documents by employees responsible for this.

EGAIS implementation

What is EGAIS?

EGAIS is a unified state automated information system designed to account for the production, circulation and sale of goods.

Can I do without him?

It is impossible. Legislatively decided to regulate the production and turnover of products in certain areas of commerce. Currently EGAIS is mandatory for use in the sale of fur products, wood and alcohol. In the near future, the list of goods subject to registration in the Unified State Automated Information System is planned to be significantly expanded.

What do you need to work at EGAIS?

Work at EGAIS involves a whole range of activities related to changing business processes, acquiring and setting up equipment, registering with EGAIS and obtaining certificates, modernizing the accounting system and training employees. As a rule, the process of connecting and starting work is accompanied by a competent specialist.

EGAIS interferes with the work?

Like any other federal law introducing obligations on market participants, the EGAIS requires expenses and impedes the usual trade. In order not to be in a difficult situation from a technical and legal point of view, you should carefully consider the implementation and implementation of new working conditions or consult specialists.



Data transfer to foreign servers

Why transfer data abroad?

The content and processing of information is regulated by the legal system. In order to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, it is sometimes advisable to transfer data and / or services to foreign servers.

How to do it?

There are several options, the most common is server rental in a foreign data center. After concluding a lease, a secure communication channel is configured with the remote server and it becomes part of the enterprise network. Legally, the data is located abroad, but in fact it is available as if it were on your computer.

How much is it?

Of course, the price is zaivist of the amount of data and the speed of access to it. In the simplest example, with 1C databases and access for 5 users, the amount can start from $ 100.00 / month.

Data backup setting

Why backup?

Basically, backups are used for two reasons: data loss due to employee error or the intervention of intruders. Both factors can stop the workflow or completely paralyze the enterprise.

What do you need to reserve?

Any information with which employees of commercial interest interact is subject to reservation. Refers to it:

● public folder documents

● database accounting system (1C)

● mail server databases

● scan folder documents

● certificates and accounting software

What do we have to do?

Initially, identify reserve objects that fall into the risk zone. After - evaluate the intensity of changes to objects, this will help to understand how often it is necessary to make backups. Next - purchase and configure hardware or software in accordance with the intended backup plan.

Find out about the details of the promotions from the Manager

or consult a specialist about Your question

How much does computer maintenance cost?

The cost of computer support depends on many factors: the number of pieces of equipment, the time interval of the work process, uninterrupted zones of increased importance, distributed offices and points of sale, as well as the specifics of business processes. As a rule, the final cost is purely individual. However, based on the experience of working w Стандарт ith our customers, we have prepared several standard options that best cover the entire work area without unnecessary estimates and calculations:


9 000
  • 10 workplaces
  • 1 server
  • 1 offices / points of sale
  • emergency visits are not limited


45 000
  • 50 workplaces
  • 10 servers
  • 10 offices / points of sale
  • emergency visits are not limited


Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Workplace (PC / Mac / Ubuntu / Laptop) unit price 0
First computer 1200
Second computer 900
from 3 to 5 computer 800
from 6 to 10-th 700
from 11-th to 20-th 600
from 21-st and further 500

The workplace includes everything associated with it: a monitor, keyboard/mouse/usb devices, audio systems, operating systems, and software. The larger the number of jobs served, the lower the cost per unit

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Server 2000 0
File server 500
Domain controller 700
Application server 500
Terminal server 500
Mail server 500
Mail server Exchange 1000
Gateway 500
Web-server 250
Print server 250

Physical and virtual servers and the tasks they perform are charged separately

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
analog 1500
cloud SIP 1500
hybrid or IP 3000
cluster 5000

PBX provides corporate telephone service

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Office equipment (printer / scanner / MFP) 1500 / 350 0

The area of responsibility for technical support of office equipment is quite wide: installation, connection, configuration, Troubleshooting, as well as interaction with service centers

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Professional(business and etc.) 1500 0
Other 500

Network equipment includes routers and managed switches. Simple switching devices are not charged

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
1С (administration) 1500

1C administration involves installing, configuring access, reserving databases and configurations, configuring 1C interaction with various equipment and systems, and so on.

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Planned visits per month (precence 2 hours.) unite price 0
с 1 по 4 2000
с 5-го и далее 1500

Scheduled departure involves a coordinated visit to the office for IT specialists to resolve emerging or accumulated issues of employees, which are more convenient to solve on the spot, without submitting an application to the first line or to the Help Desk system

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Working time index 0
8h. / 5 days 1,00
10h. / 5 days 1,15
24h. / 5 days 1,85
24h. / 7 days 2,25

Choose a convenient schedule for technical support. The final cost of services depends on the working time coefficient

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
Urgent visits per month FREE 0
from 09:00 till 18:00

Emergency departures are not charged and are not limited in the number and time for Troubleshooting. The task of Q-IT is to ensure smooth operation, which will reduce the number of emergency departures to a minimum

Support service Cost Quantity Amount
DVR system 500 0
Camera/channel 150
ACS controller 900

ACS provides door access control and event notification system


computer equipment and subscription services

«Q - IT»
+7 (495) 215 55 10


computer equipment and subscription services

+7 (495) 215 55 10
Mn-Fr from 9.00 till 18.00

Getting started

First of all, an audit of the existing equipment is carried out - each device is assigned an inventory number.

For ease of identification, a sticker with a number is glued to devices with which employees can interact. The sticker with the number is used when contacting technical support or making an application on their own.

Existing software, license keys and certificates are audited for further accounting and timely renewal.

In some cases, it is possible to switch to cheaper and / or more convenient analogues of software in use.

Thanks to the consolidated accounting table, technical support staff can prepare invoices for renewal on time, and also warn about existing promotions and discounts

In order to accelerate the resolution of incidents related to the network topology, a detailed layout of the LAN and equipment for official use is compiled. The scheme is intended for employees of the first line of support for computer support and helps to find a problem without any questions.

Based on the information collected, bottlenecks are analyzed and a safety report and preventive measures are generated. The report, as a rule, for each category of nodes used in the IT infrastructure reflects risks, possible incidents, downtime, cost and timing of elimination, as well as suggested preventive measures.

Service Objects

Is it possible to save more?

Economy  It is possible to reduce costs

It is conditionally possible to divide the work of technical support into 3 categories by occupation:
The first category is engaged in ensuring the smooth operation of existing equipment, eliminates emerging problems, and organizes emergency trips if necessary;
The second category deals with the development, modernization and adaptation of enterprises to new conditions;
The third category is to simplify the work of employees in the office, direct contact with technical support and accelerate the resolution of incidents.

I - Resolving urgent issues / emergency trips

Save up to 25% when choosing a computer support that is exclusively concerned with maintaining the smooth operation of the existing IT infrastructure. At the same time, the area of responsibility of technical support is narrowed.

Such a solution may be useful in terms of economy in cases of market stability and the immutability of laws. However, in practice in recent years it has been quite difficult to find a field of activity where these conditions are met and digital development is not required.

II - Subscription service / IT-director

Management should always be confident in the reliability and safety of the functioning of systems that ensure the correct and timely work of employees, whether it is a change in Russian legislation regulating the new procedure for the interaction of business processes with information systems, or technological progress that forces them to adapt to new technologies and market requirements, and There are also many other factors that oblige companies to comply with modern information technology standards. This assurance is provided by computer support, which involves the participation of an "IT director", and will help to take a leading place in the market in a competitive environment.

III - Office employee (outstaffing)

In some cases, it is convenient for an enterprise to have a person responsible for equipment at hand - someone needs only 1 day a week, and someone needs a constant presence. A competent specialist in the office (outstaffing) can be obtained as part of computer support: in addition to services for solving urgent issues, subscription services and IT directors.

Typical tasks of computer support